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Mary my adoreable wife, forever you'll be the mainstay of my life. I'll always remember you as mother, and love you because there'll never be any other. Two people who think as one, who have one daughter and one son. A home to brighten the end of day, a dog to pet along the way. A car to enjoy an afternoon's ride, with my family along side.

My Wife & Children

After coming home from the army in April of 1946 I resumed working at Chicago Transformer Corporation as a time keeper and checker. A few months later I was promoted to an expeditor job. During this time I started to spend more time with Mary Niedzwiedz who lived a few doors away from my father. We were just good friends who hung in the same circle. The more time we spent together the more we realized we were falling in love. One day I asked her to marry me and she accepted. On May 29, 1948 we wed at St. Ann's Church.

On June 28, 1950 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We named her Melanie. Three years later on May 4, Joseph Jr. was born. We were very proud of our two gorgeous children.

In 1949 my father passed away and Mary and I bought his house. We lived there raising our kids until 1965. We then decided to relocate to an area around Archer and Harlem Avenue in Chicago. We loved this new house so much that we are still here today. We just celebrated our 40th Christmas here. In June of 2006, we will be here 41 great years.

Joe Jr and his wife Carol, along with their daughter Samantha and dog Molly live in Brookfield, Illinois. They are very proud of their gorgeous daughter Samantha, now 17. Joe's passion is hunting and fishing. He loves it and has all the latest equipment.

Melanie and Burt lived in Wisconsin for the last 15 years. She just recently came back to Chicago to help care for her mother. Her passion is helping homeless animals and she does a lot of educating the public on proper companion animal care.

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